JWE Motorsports (Jerry Woods Enterprises, Inc) is the Bay Area’s premier Porsche specialist. With over 40 years experience, we are experts in Porsche service, engine rebuilding, racing, auto body, and restoration. We are also proud to offer track support, transportation, and car storage. Find out how JWE can help you with your Porsche dreams.


JWE is your one stop solution to help you achieve your full potential on the racetrack. Having helped create PRC (Porsche Racing Club) the JWE staff is at every event helping make the racing experience for our customers as relaxed, safe and as enjoyable as possible.

Our job at the race track is to provide trackside support, coaching and above all else the best in-class racing experience for our enthusiast customers. Explore our classes to find out more about the different styles available to you.



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Our track side support is designed to provide the racing enthusiast with a second-to-none experience that allows them to get the most from their time at the track.

Regardless of your skill level or experience we have created a suite of services to help our clients. 

From track support,coaching, transportation, and storage, there is very little left for JWE's customers to worry about.